What do mothers actually do when they pull out their smartphones?

Mothers are always busy. Whether they are running errands or running to work, they need to stay connected. And what better way to do that, than with a smart phone?

11 May 2018 . 2,351 Views

Mobile phones have become an integral part of today’s mothers’ day to day lives.

Smartphones are the perfect tool for multitasking and organising their lives, from managing a household, keeping a running shopping list, ensuring pediatrician appointments are kept, searching for health information, setting alarms and reminders because they have a million and one things to do before the day ends, and so on, and so forth.

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, we would like to appreciate mothers by recognising their tireless efforts and pointing out a few of the activities they accomplish using their smartphones.


Most working moms will readily admit that work follows them home, so it is no surprise that once in a while they will be working while doing other several tasks- and one of the tasks will be shooting an email back to the office. For one, it could be an email to the boss explaining that she will be late tomorrow because her son or daughter is due for a dentist’s appointment or giving instructions to her staff members.


While on the subject of multitasking, banking apps like KCB M-PESA have made it easier for mothers to organize their budgets, pay bills on time and make sure those virtual chama contributions for M-PESA 52 Week Challenge have been made promptly.

Learning apps

Mothers know everything, but sometimes they also need help, especially when it comes to helping their children with their studies. It is here that learning apps like Shupavu29, which offer primary and secondary going kids Kenya National Curriculum-aligned lessons, save the day. Shupavu291 gives students access to lessons, quizzes and other reading material to supplement what they learn at school.

School apps

Trying to find time during the week to make a visit to your child’s school can be quite a challenge. Fortunately there are school applications like D6 School Communicator which simplify school-parent communication and allow for easy access to things like upcoming school trips, parent-teacher conferences, homework and more. Also, there are school bus tracking apps like MyShule and FikaSafe that connect mothers with their children’s school bus, instead of having to make several calls to find their whereabouts.

Recipes/cooking apps

Being a mother is a full time job, so when it comes to preparing meals sometimes simple and quick is all that is needed. Occasionally, mothers google recipes or download cooking apps to help them prepare meals they hope their families will enjoy. And also, hats off to those who are naturally wizards in the kitchen and can whip up amazing dishes with limited ingredients that end up looking like five star meals.


In between managing the whole household, checking that homework has been done, lunches have been made and looking after everyone’s individual and specific needs, mothers need to carve out some time to take care of their health. Fitness apps then come in handy for those busy mothers who can’t find time to go to the gym, or afford a personal trainer or a gym membership. Sometimes those short and targeted workouts do the trick.

 Online shopping

The increasing trend that is online shopping has become a blessing especially when facing time constraints. Online shopping platforms like Masoko have become the go-to sites for mothers to buy household items or score super deals at the click of a button.

Social welfare groups

Chat applications like WhatsApp are providing forums for mothers who belong to countless “mom groups” like neighbourhood watch, jumuia – church groups, family groups and more to contribute and get involved at the same time. Here, friendships are formed, information on health and children is swapped and playdates created.

Nanny cam

It is only natural that mothers would like to know what is happening in their children’s lives in their absence, after all, they gave them life. Nanny cams are one of the ways in which mothers monitor and keep an eye on what is going on in the home while they are away.

Social media apps

Because like everyone else, they deserve a break and need to relax. Facebook pages have become the go-to places on social media where mothers vent out their frustrations, or share milestones of their adorable children when they start crawling, or walking, or when their first baby’s teeth come in or fall out, or when they graduate. Instagram and Twitter are also other platforms where they take the much needed and deserved breaks.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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