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There are so many progressive stories about this wonderful nation that are rarely told.Download This Is My Kenya App to read the stories

06 Mar 2017 . 278 Views

The beauty of Kenya is breathtaking!

Think about it, there are so many progressive stories about this wonderful nation that are rarely told.

But who do we expect to tell the beautiful story of Kenya if we don’t do it ourselves as Kenyans? This year, like in the previous two years, we embarked on a journey to make the 2016 Safaricom calendar. But our approach had a twist to it, we wanted to show how narrow perceptions misrepresent Kenya. Our focus was on showing the bigger picture.

It started with this social experiment

We also requested Kenyans to share beautiful photos of Kenya on social media using #ThisIsMyKenya, the photos being shared there are unbelievable. Make sure to tag your photos with #ThisisMyKenya next time you post.

There is also an awesome app that holds amazing photos, shows you the most amazing destinations in Kenya and lets you post photos of places you think Kenyans and the world should visit.

Download This Is My Kenya App and ask your friends to do the same.


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