Shamba Connect: Growing small gardens with big benefits

23 Sep 2021 . 711 Views

The notion that having a garden requires a big plot of land is probably outdated, just ask Mercy Munene.

Mercy is the Founder and CEO of Shamba Connect which installs kitchen gardens in homes and institutions and also trains them to grow healthy and organic vegetables. They also rear rabbits and goats.

With an increasing number of people living in urban areas in apartments or homes with small yards, interest in growing plants at a small scale is on the rise, even though the logistics may seem discouraging.

Shamba Connect plants these small and attractive kitchen gardens for their clients and shows them how to maximise the small spaces on their verandahs or patios.

As a mother, Mercy is conscious of the food she puts on her table for her and her family, and growing it herself, ensures there are minimal chemicals that go into production of the vegetables.

Shamba Connect has also worked with Makongeni Health Centre to provide healthy vegetables to expectant women and address the issue of proper nutrition.

“What we did is come up with a solution where we installed kitchen gardens for them. So, they would come to the clinic and get vegetables on their way home, and this was very fulfilling because you see the difference,” says Mercy.

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