Restoring hope, one camp at a time

Through free medical camps, Safaricom Foundation has touched the lives of more than a million people countrywide

27 Jan 2017 . 1,455 Views

Like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, Benson Mucheru received a new lease of life when he visited a medical camp in Murang’a. For two decades, he had been in and out of numerous hospitals due to a swelling on his neck, that made it difficult for him to eat or even talk.

One day in May 2016 while at work, Mucheru heard of a medical camp organised by Safaricom Foundation and Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI) in Murang’a County.

With his wife by his side, he visited the camp and after being examined by the team of doctors that were on hand, he was identified as a candidate for surgery, to relieve him of the goiter he had lived with for more than 20 years.

He underwent surgery at the Murang’a Level 4 hospital. Five months down the line Mucheru is now goiter free and spreading the news about his saving grace that came in the form of a free medical camp.

He is among the many Kenyans who have benefited from these medical camps, which included prostate cancer screening, diabetes and cervical cancer screening, cataract eye surgeries, dental care, and treatment of general ailments.

Motivated by his good fortune, Mucheru has been encouraging those around him to attend such medical camp. He is especially hopeful that the same luck will befall his relative who is suffering from a troublesome swelling in his leg.

His wife Beatrice says because of the surgery, her husband is now full of life and is happy that the efforts of Safaricom Foundation and DMI are changing lives, especially for the poor.

Through the free camps, more than one million Kenyans have received free consultation and treatment. In Murang’a, more than 60 men underwent screening for prostate cancer and diabetes.

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