Podcast: What it takes to become a disciplined saver

14 Jul 2021 . 2,850 Views

The most dominant story of the past 12 months has been about the pain—socially but also financially—as a result of the pandemic.

Economically, close to two million Kenyans lost their jobs in the first three months of the pandemic alone.

In April 2021, an interesting statistic arose from analyses of the spending and saving patterns of Kenyans with bank accounts: they had managed to stash away more than KES463 billion.

Savings, as you will hear in the podcast below, normally become available once you have taken care of your fixed expenses.

The question usually is: after you have taken care of your bills, what do you do with the reminder of your hard-earned cash?

While this might be tough if you can barely make ends meet or are out of a job, it might look impossible if there is a pandemic and everything appears to have been stopped.

However, Felista Wangari, the founder of the Facebook group 52 Weeks Savings Challenge, says you can start small and grow your savings as you go.

In today’s podcast we hear from Felista, a finance expert and savers, and they share some practical tips on how you can become a disciplined saver.

Listen to the podcast below.


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