Passion and tech have kept my dream alive

Julius Mbura lost his sight twice and it looked to him like his life had come to a premature end, but driven by his passion and assisted by technology, he has found life again. 

30 Jun 2021 . 2,217 Views

Julius Mbura passes for a typical polymath: he is a lawyer, a poet and a car reviewer. He is also a motivational speaker, a mentor, a model, a spoken word artist and a dancer.

Julius is also blind.

While it may be a disability that induces heartbreak for those with sight, it has done more to build Julius’ character, versatility and resilience.

Twice, he lost his eyesight due to maculopathy (vision loss) – once at the age of 10 when it almost crushed his dreams, and the second time it happened, it sent him into an emotional turmoil, almost to the brink of despair when he thought the condition had robbed him of his future.

“It takes time for you to be real with the situation. For me to embrace the label, it took a lot of personal effort and confronting the impossibilities that I had put on myself,” Julius says.

But vision loss does not hinder him nor cut him off from the world. In fact, it engages him more and perhaps gives him an edge over others. He reviews cars – by touch and feel – for his audience of more than 4,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Watch the video below to see how he changes mindsets, shifts perception and touches lives.

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