Customer care from home

I'm glad I don't have to commute but I miss my colleagues

22 May 2020 . 30,485 Views

Lydia Keya’s work routine has undergone a drastic change since the government encouraged employers to allow their staff to work from home as part of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

She often sleeps up to 11am, does not have to keep a tight schedule as she does not have a bus to catch, and can forego make-up.

When she sits in the corner of her bedroom at 2pm, she looks so unperturbed as she talks on the phone and types on her computer that one would think this is something she has been doing all her life.

Lydia is a Customer Experience Executive at Safaricom. She is usually based at Jambo Call Centre on Mombasa Road but is now among employees who have been enabled to work from home.

Here, she talks about her experience.

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