M-TIBA healthcare solution hits one million customers

The mobile application allows users to set some money aside for medical expenses

09 May 2018 . 4,469 Views

A partnership offering affordable medical solutions through mobile technology has grown to nearly one million customers and has already paid out Sh200 million to cover healthcare costs.

M-TIBA is a service available on the mobile phone that allows anyone to send, save and spend funds specifically for medical treatment.

Money stored in M-TIBA can only be used to pay for treatment and medication at partner clinics and hospitals. The funds are managed by UAP Insurance.

“M-Tiba currently has over one million users and has paid out over Sh200 million to cover healthcare costs,” said Collymore.

M-TIBA healthcare solution hits one million customers

M-TIBA healthcare solution hits one million customers

Joe Ogutu, Safaricom Director, Strategy and Innovation said at the 2018 Full Year results announcement that the feat had been achieved through building partnerships with PharmAccess and Carepay.

Ogutu said that subscribers who needed treatment received medical care in 400 medical facilities around the country.

Safaricom is also using mobile technology to drive food security through introduction of Digifarm and Connected Farmer.

“We asked ourselves how we could use mobile technology to empower our farmers, give them access to affordable credit and share information that would boost yields; connect them to markets and ensure better returns – and even stabilize food prices. The solution lay in partnership, which resulted in the launch of Digifarm and Connected Farmer, two mobile-based agri-business solutions,” said Ogutu.


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