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After years of being the Better Option, Safaricom has launched Twaweza, a slogan that captures the company's collaborative agenda

21 Jun 2017 . 11,059 Views

“May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty…” ring out the words of our national anthem. Some of us mumble our way through the entire anthem but do we really stop for a second to absorb the message behind each word?

Maybe not but we all live the spirit of pulling together. It’s in us. Someone falls sick and we pull together. A bright child in the community needs an education and we pull together.

This is the same spirit that drives Chamas that come in all shapes and sizes. There are the types where women pool resources and buy household items for group members in turns, popularly known as ‘Merry-Go-Round’ to the bigger ones where group members contribute for even bigger ventures such as purchase of land or to trade in the stock exchange.

It’s our culture to approach the bigger burden or task together. It’s the Kenyan way of life, probably what visitors to our country pick out when they say we’re hospitable.

It’s probably why the #Twaweza movement touched off by Safaricom last Saturday night is in sync with the Kenyan culture and spirit.

All along, #Twaweza has had one purpose; to assure Kenyans that the Safaricom – Kenya’s foremost brand – is here to make dreams come true through the use of technology. The motto “when we come together, great things happen” undeniably symbolizes the togetherness that is needed in building this nation.

Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom at the launch of Twaweza slogan at Uhuru Gardens on June 17.

The #Twaweza vision is now embodied in Safaricom’s logo to imply that the Safaricom community of change makers will continue changing the way we live.

At the launch of the #Twaweza campaign on Saturday June 17th, Safaricom said it was repositioning of their brand from a telecommunications company to a digital lifestyle enabler. This announcement was made at the historic Uhuru Gardens, where the inauguration of founding president Jomo Kenyatta took place. The all-white themed event symbolized the beginning of a new phase of growth for Safaricom. The Twaweza launch definitely deserves a page in our history books too, don’t you think?

For 17 years, Safaricom has indisputably put their customers first by fulfilling their promise to “capture the essence of every Kenyan’s dreams and aspirations” as Consumer Business Unit director, Sylvia Mulinge said at the event.

We have seen Safaricom evolve into East Africa’s leading telecommunications company with over 28 million subscribers.

We have also borne witness to the company’s contribution to the economy and how M-Pesa, it’s award-winning innovation has become an integral part of our lives.  Recently, I boarded a matatu to town and a lady seated next to me politely asked if she could send me 100 shillings in exchange for money because she had no bus fare. This is a good example of how Safaricom has changed the way we live and interact. #Twaweza

Safaricom is not only a network that connects us to our friends and family; it also connects us to water, education and electricity.

Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom said, “We exist to Transform Lives, and we know that we can provide solutions that connect people to people, people to knowledge, and people to opportunity.”

The #Twaweza campaign therefore aims to promote a human network that supports communities and drives change.

A new logo Safaricom #Twaweza, was unveiled to drive this collaborative and transformative agenda. The evening culminated in a colourful fireworks display that signaled the beginning of the exciting new phase.


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