Introducing Maxine Wahome

20 Aug 2021 . 2,149 Views

At 25, Maxine Wahome already has nearly 10 years’ experience in motorsports, having started on bikes on auto cross from a young age.

Maxine’s early introduction to racing came courtesy of her father, Jimmy Wahome, who was a rally driver. She says almost everyone in her family is involved in motorsports, so that was almost a natural route.

“One day I asked my dad for a bike and he agreed,” she says of how her journey in racing started.

She participated in the WRC Safari Rally that was held this past June, and was the only female driver in her first Safari Rally.

Maxine is now navigated by Linet Ayuko, who has been involved in motorsports for 11 years as a co-driver.

Together, they are hoping to show other women that rallying need not be a male-dominated world. They have joined the roster of rally drivers sponsored by Safaricom.

Above all, says Linet, “I hope this will inspire more young girls to come back to the sport.”

The Safaricom Newsroom caught them before they embarked on the Kenya National Rally Championship’s Voi Rally held earlier this month.


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