Five years on, Cyndicate’s love for the orchestra goes on

The young girl has come a long way over the last five years with the Safaricom Youth Orchestra and as she leaves, her journey has just started.

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When she joined the Safaricom Youth Orchestra in 2018, Cyndicate Kabei immediately fell in love.

The object of her affection was the French horn and she has a good reason for it.

“The most interesting thing about the French horn is the sound it produces and the beautiful shape it has,” she says.

There was little appreciation of the beauty of the wind instrument by her colleagues though, and Cyndicate recalls that it was ignored and was so neglected that it was rusty.

Cyndicate graduated from the Safaricom Youth Orchestra at a virtual ceremony on Sunday evening, and the five years she has been with the team have given her a good idea what she wants to pursue as a career.

She remained committed to the French horn over the five years and was one of five girls in the orchestra’s brass section.

The French horn is usually played by men as it requires some heavy lifting for the lungs. It is one of the 14 brass instruments in an orchestra and sits in the back row.

Cyndicate likes the challenge of playing difficult music, and handling the French horn.

Apart from playing it, she has learnt how to write music, sing and compose songs.

As she leaves the Safaricom Youth Orchestra, the girl from Korogocho realized her love for music and has decided to become a full-time classical musician, starting with studying it at the university.

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