Faces of Safaricom - Joseph Ruita

Meet Joseph, a Quality Assurance Analyst who is part of the team assessing the quality of the performance of our call center associates. The QA team participates in customer and client listening programs to identify customer needs and expectations.

23 Jan 2020 . 2,256 Views
  • Did your passions or your education lead you to this role?

I have always been passionate about customer service and specifically service industry.

I studied Personnel Management. My work placement (attachment as we call it) was at the State Department of Immigration and Registration of Persons in 2008. I served also as a clerk in IEBC, cleaning up voters’ registers and as Deputy Presiding Officer in two occasions. In 2011 I got into Customer Service in the Telecom Industry and have continued serving in the same space.

  • Have you had any unusual moves along your career?

While I have stayed within the same department, my role has changed significantly.

I started as a Customer Care Executive then got a promotion to Quality Assurance role. The primary task of the quality assurance analyst is call monitoring and providing actionable insight. Through call monitoring, I will gather information to help improve agent performance in the call center ensuring experience given to customers is unmatched

  • You’re not just into tech, but into fashion and design, and own a boutique. How do you make time for this, and why did you choose this as a side hustle?

I run the boutique in partnership with my wife. She is there full time and I get to assist when I’m not at work or where I need to do deliveries. I have always desired to look good but when she came into my life, we also had fashion in common.

I’m in the process of expanding and I’m convinced this what I wish to do for a long time.

It does show in the way I dress, and I serve as a walking billboard, earning the business orders and recommendations from how I look every day.

  • A self-described ‘teacher of the Word’, and a motivator, how does it feel when you help others and do you think you make a difference in their lives?

I have been through a lot in life and I thank God that I always find a way. This has led me to study more on what God says about me. I realized that there is nothing new under the sun. Today you either going through a challenge, out of a challenge or about to get into one.

People tend to relate with real issues and it’s often good to give someone hope of life. By this I also get strengthened in my faith.

  • What moments have you had in life that taught you to keep fighting and moving on through a challenge?

I’ve learned to never give up, no matter the circumstance.

In 2013, I had a newborn son, and you know how having kids can be expensive in this economy. I was going through a rough time financially, and the daily reality was that we could not shop for food or meagre household items. I was in my first job as a Customer Service Representative earning a simple salary that was barely enough to clear all bills and get me through the month.

One day things were dire, we didn’t have food for that day. I however kept my faith, and told my wife not to worry. Her favorite meal is pilau, and I would ensure she enjoyed the same for dinner that day.

Now our neighbor next door had a baby same age as mine and the baby had been hospitalized for one month in KNH. The greatest test of charity was when we looked around the house, we had some few fruits left for the baby.  My parents taught me that you don’t go comforting or visiting empty handed. So, we made a radical decision that my wife will visit them and take with her the only ‘’meal’’ in the house – the fruits meant for our baby.

By the time she was back, it was getting dark, and my hopes were starting to fade; I kept reassuring her that my promise would stick, and she would enjoy that meal before bedtime.

Just around 8pm, and with a knock on the door, two of our friends showed up, with them two huge shopping bags from Nakumatt, filled with goods and food.

They explained that they were only passing by to drop this as a gift for our newborn, literally dashing in and out of our house.

The smile on my wife face was priceless.

And there was pilau.

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