Collymore surprise at Safaricom results

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, who has been away on medical leave since October last year, surprised staff via a video message during the release of the 2018 Full Year results

09 May 2018 . 709 Views

A pleasant surprise swept the Michael Joseph Center at Safaricom Headquarters when it was announced that CEO Bob Collymore would address the 2018 Full Year results.

The surprise was announced at the tail end of Chairman Nicholas Nganga’s statement which was delivered by Michael Joseph, a board member, who asked the audience to turn to the screens “for a surprise.”

Collymore has been away on medical leave since October last year and looking as fit as a fiddle, said he’s awaiting his doctors’ say-so before travelling back “in the next few weeks.”

Collymore said he was happy to present a strong set of results.

“I would like to thank my executive team for their leadership, which has led to the results we are announcing today,” he said in a video message from London.


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