Can women really have it all?

In the era of leaning in, we look at the factors preventing women shattering the glass ceiling at work, and what can be done to change that

20 Mar 2019 . 2,307 Views

Given a choice between career and family, which would you choose as a woman?

Do you have to choose, or can you have your cake and eat it too?

Is there such a thing as balancing career and family, and if so, why does this balance remain so elusive for working women around the world?

Despite great advances made in the workplace since the 1960s, these questions present a daily dilemma for women navigating career, motherhood and the myriad responsibilities thrust upon them in their roles as caregivers, providers and partners.

This week, we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 and Women’s History Month by sharing the experiences and insights of two women determined to get the best of both worlds, on the Safaricom Newsroom Podcast


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