A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards honors outstanding technology products

21 Jan 2019 . 4,337 Views

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are extremely tech-averse, you know that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas last week. Dubbed the world’s biggest tech show, the event brings together “those who thrive on the business of consumer electronics”, industry leaders and new stars to showcase their innovations and give a glimpse into the future of technology. From the quickly adoptable to the downright envy-inducing, we look at the highlights of the annual show, and share our top picks from the highlights of the CES Innovation Awards.

  1. GENNY

This is an atmospheric water generator made by Watergen, which uses patented Israeli technology to turn air into water using electricity. This would be great for a water scarce country such as Kenya since it would reduce dependence on tap water by producing 25-30 litres of water a day.

Category: Tech for a better world.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019


  1. Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a keyboard that does more than the average keyboard? No? Lenovo wishes you would, and has created a keyboard that gives you more with its dual display Yoga Book C930. This is better than your average keyboard: you can also convert it into an e-reader or a notebook at the touch of a button. This means that in addition to typing, you can read it like a Kindle, scribble or draw on it. It comes with Windows 10 and an Intel Core processor and is thin and light, which makes it very portable.

Category: Computer hardware and components.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

  1. LG Sound Bar (SL9YG)

Who needs five speakers and a subwoofer to create that surround sound effect, when you can get crisp, clear sound from a single sound bar. LG this year upped the ante with its latest sound bar, which comes in a sleek, ultra-modern design containing Meridian Auto Technology, Dolby Atmos/DTS-X 4.1.2 channel sound and AI Thin Q.

Category: Home audio-video components and accessories.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

LG Sound Bar (SL9YG

  1. LG V40 ThinQ

Forget two rear cameras, this mobile phone packs a punch with three cameras at the back, two at the front and a large OLED display, making it the first premium smartphone with five cameras.

Category: Wireless devices, accessories and services.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

LG V40 ThinQ

  1. The Window by Samsung

Samsung reminds us once again how good they are at marrying sleek design with game-changing technology, this time unveiling a see-through TV that uses MicroLED to deliver a screen that can be configured into any size or aspect ratio. This technology makes it possible to, in CES’ words, “transform content, surfaces and living spaces”, and we absolutely agree. Who needs a big black screen when you can have the highest functioning piece of art AND television in one.

Category: Video displays.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

The Window by Samsung

  1. Universal wireless laptop charger

Developed by French start-up EnergySquare, this innovation will come in handy for those who routinely lose their laptop chargers or forget them every time – or who simply cannot be bothered to walk around with their chargers. Using its patented “Power by Contact” technology, EnergySquare presents a portable charging solution that works by connecting your computer’s charging port to the wireless charger by attaching a small strip to the bottom of the laptop, which once placed onto EnergySquare’s charging surface begins to charge your computer.

Category: Smart energy

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

Universal wireless charger for laptops

  1. AQUIO Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Bottle

Manufactured by iHome, this handy little thing combines a portable water bottle with a removable Bluetooth speaker. The BPA-free, double-wall insulated, stainless-steel bottle includes a modular waterproof, sand-proof and weather-resistant speaker that offers five LED color-changing modes, wireless music streaming and is compatible with Google’s Alexa. Talk about staying hydrated and entertained wherever you are.

Category: portable media players and accessories.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

AQUIO Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Bottle

  1. Mobius Elite: Smart Modular True Wireless Earbuds

The younger generation will definitely appreciate these earbuds, which CES describes as “the first smart set of true wireless earbuds with a modular design.” The microphone array and speaker module can be plugged into the core charging case, transforming the device into a portable smart speaker, real-time translator, recorder, and transcriber.

Category: headphones.

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

Mobius Elite_ Smart Modular True Wireless Earbuds.

  1. KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

This unique appliance is the sous chef every cooking enthusiast needs. It can, at the touch of a button, boil, fry, steam, stew, knead dough, chop ingredients, mince, puree, mix, emulsify, whip or stir. It basically replaces half your kitchen appliances, which is probably why it comes at the princely sum of KES 152,000 (1,500 USD). Here is a video of how it works. Here is a video of how it works.

Category: Smart home

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019

KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

  1. TrustBox

This high-grade secure router promises to allay all your fears about the security (or lack of) of public WiFi by ensuring safe communication over the internet. It is a handy device in this age of hacking and other heightened cyber security concerns, and its makers, Scalys BV, promise to deliver military-grade security to enhance your privacy and keep your data safe.

Category: cybersecurity and personal privacy

A look at the hottest innovations from CES 2019






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